Christmas in T-shirts Part II

Week 2 of our tourist trail – After Christmas, via Addis to Bahir Dar, which believe it or not has a bit of a Riviera feel (yes, we pinched ourselves, this is still Ethiopia!). Bahir Dar’s situated on the southern shore of Lake Tana, a massive 65kms across. From there the water flows into the Nile. The Blue Nile Falls are within easy reach though they are much reduced now as the water is diverted for Hydro Electricity. Lake Tana has its own monasteries. Continuing the theme of “let’s make them as inaccessible as possible” they are on islands scattered around the lake and like the rock-hewn churches highly decorated. We pulled ourselves out of bed for early morning boat trips and delayed the bar for late evening outings, the times when you get to see the wildlife. There’s excellent fish in the lake too. Normally the Ethiopians don’t eat fish, but here you can get delicious dishes. From there on to Gondar, a lively place with busy market and surprises like the Royal palaces and places to stay which tick all the boxes too.

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  1. Mary Simmonds

     /  01/02/2012

    Great photos – particularly the Malachite Kingfisher (they are not eady to catch)! Interesting to see Tis Isat falls, which we were disappointed not to see.

  2. Hi Mary
    Tks for your comments – you’re good on the birds aren’t you. Do you just know their names from your travels or have you done the same as us, spent time hunting through the bird bible. Making progress with your photo sorting and diary? Hope all well in Cairo. B n J x

  3. Jera Lea-Wilson

     /  07/02/2012


    They’re fantastic photos – you must be having a fascinating time. Regards, Jera L-W.

    • Thanks Jera. Yes, we’re having an interesting time. For example, we are supposed to be on a plane to Addis at this moment, but the flight was overbooked so we’re not! That sort of thing happens a lot and you just have to get used to it… But otherwise, an amazing country. John


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