A is for April and Avocados

April is the month of Avocados. One of the unexpected challenges of living here is what to do with them. We have 2 trees in the garden of the house we’re now living in and the number of falling avocados is on the increase. We’re like kids in a sweet shop, but we do share – sometimes no choice – as the photos prove! There’s a canopy over the outdoor area, which appears to be to save us from an avocado strike.

So now we’re looking for new ideas for what to do with them. Favourites so far: avocado juice, with tuna, guacamole – good as a “fasting” day sandwich filler when animal products are forbidden. Also, found a cold avocado soup recipe on the Internet – anyone tried that? Next? Avocado art?

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  1. Peter H

     /  07/05/2012

    An excess of avocados? When I was a teenager, we had an avocado tree in the back garden, and faced the same problem. My mother used to make avocado jelly, using lemon jelly. Here is a link to a recipe for “avocado mousse”, which looks like the same thing. http://rainbowcooking.co.nz/recipes/avocado-mousse

  2. Peter H

     /  07/05/2012

    If you are feeling more adventurous, you could try this, provided you can get agar-agar powder. http://crystalbyblog.blogspot.co.uk/2008/02/avocado-jelly.html

  3. Lucy

     /  07/05/2012

    Yummm! Wish I had avocados in my back garden! Hope you are well ^_^
    Lucy (Rock Choir!!)

    • Hi – yes we’re well thanks- should be as avocados are apparently good for the heart, but bad for the hips….! Hope all well at Rock Choir – I miss it, though Ethiopia is great for music. Barbara


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