Farmers’ Market Mekelle Style

To market to market to buy a fat pig …..???…

Farmers’ Market – Mekelle Style

Monday is market day in Mekelle. Actually, every day is market day, as that’s where most people do their shopping, but the animal market is Monday. All the animals arrive on foot, on the whole looking in pretty good condition. I don’t know how far they travel to get here, or how far they go when they leave, but road traffic certainly increases on Mondays.


 There is a large compound area into which all the animals proceed, then the viewing and buying begins. Camels feature quite a lot. They are used for carrying things, as are the donkeys. The rest – cattle, goats and sheep – will be destined for the table or for breeding.
 Into the compound
 We went to the market when sister Pat visited at Easter. It was just before the Lent fast came to an end, and because of that it was particularly busy. The only thing anyone tried to sell us was a stick. We declined, then realised we were the only people “stickless” in the animal compound facing those huge cattle horns! The animal market is entirely dominated by men, women play their part, some collecting fresh dung for drying and burning and some selling refreshments. That’s home-made beer or “tella”, with the unfortunate local name of “sewa”! Yes, we risked it!

Refreshments tents – or “Sewa Bets”


 Discussion Time

 Another market is nearby and is where women come into their own selling everything from grain and vegetables to household goods like injera trays (they look like large felt hats, used for making a local type of bread), coffee pots, stools, etc. Sticks and charcoal are fuel for the injera ovens and coffee making.
 This other market – where most things are not going to walk back on their own and will need carrying – that’s another job for the women.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

                                                                                         Thanks for the photos, Pat

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  1. I really enjoyed this visit to your market – especially the camels!


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